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🎃 PhD Career Design Workshop 🎃

A session with Vay Cao Ph.D. and Laura Mariani Ph.D. Free the PhD & Free the PhD

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🎃 Our PhD Career Design Workshop will be all action - no fluff or BS. We will get right down to business, starting from evaluating the greater job market, breaking it down into basic job functions and categories, looking at your own skill sets and work preferences, and figuring out how to decide what career directions make sense to pursue.

🎃 We will then move into the structures and frameworks for pursuing your desired career directions - determining what might be low-hanging fruit jobs, vs ones where you may need extra effort and time to reach, and a best practices order of operations for how to spend your time and energy to maximize your results.

🎃 If you've always felt frustrated at the advice to "tailor your resume", but are not sure how, you won't want to miss this next section! We will be doing a live think-aloud as we edit and suggest changes to a representative resume and cover letter, and adapt it for different types of job roles.

🎃 Finally, in both networking and interviewing, you must understand how to translate your skills and work into language your audience will understand and relate to. We will examine the top most common behavioral interview questions and discuss the question behind the question.

🎃 You will be able to interact with us during this workshop through chat Q&A, and we aim to address as many of your questions as possible!

🎃 Look for additional updates and details to this interactive Halloween PhD Career Design Workshop Day!

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