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Sean Zhu Ph.D.

Sean Zhu Ph.D.

Associate Director, Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics
Kymera Therapeutics

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As the Computational Chemistry Lead at Kymera Therapeutics, Sean oversees the development and application of physics-based and data-driven methods to help advance the discovery of novel and potent targeted protein degraders. Sean previously held position at Celgene, where he was the CompChem lead in multiple discovery programs and collaborative discovery platforms. Prior to Celgene, Sean spent 4 years at Bristol-Myers Squibb leading technology development and project support that impacted multiple oncology and immuno-oncology programs including IRAK4, IDO, and STING. Sean completed his PhD with Prof. Alexander D. MacKerell, Jr, focusing on the development of force field parameters to enable accurate molecular dynamic simulations of proteins and protein-ligand systems.