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Jenna Gallegos Ph.D.

Jenna Gallegos Ph.D.

-10 years research experience in molecular biology, biotechnology, and synthetic biology -40+ published science news stories

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Jenna works as a scientific marketing manager at Samba Scientific, where she leads a team of marketing professionals in the development of promotional assets for biotechnology companies.

She received a PhD in plant biology with a designated emphasis in biotechnology from the University of California, Davis in 2017, where she was an NSF-GRFP fellow and an AAUW dissertation year fellow. Throughout her PhD, Jenna engaged in extensive science communication and outreach activities, culminating in a AAAS Mass Media Fellowship, where she published 21 articles in 10 weeks as a science writer for the Washington Post. Following the fellowship, Jenna returned to the bench as a post-doc at Colorado State University, where she authored or co-authored 10 publications in synthetic biology.

In 2019, she turned her skills in science story-telling towards marketing, and quickly advanced from a technical content writer to a scientific marketing manager at Samba Scientific. Jenna also serves as the News editor for the Oxford journal Synthetic Biology and freelance writes for several organizations including synbiobeta and the Cornell Alliance for Science.

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