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Cami Ryan Ph.D.

Cami Ryan Ph.D.

Science communications and engagement and issues management; knowledge management, technology transfer and innovation; social networks and network analysis; exploration of online advocacy (anti-tech) networks and internet activism; governance of institutions and issues particularly those that operate between science and society; the role of intellectual property structures and mechanisms in facilitating or inhibiting research and innovation; intellectual property management and flows of knowledge in research networks (agriculture, biotechnology and genomics).

Social Sciences Lead, Regulatory Scientific Affairs
Bayer CropScience

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For over 25 years, Cami has worked in agriculture and ag sciences, most of that time as a public sector researcher. She is currently Social Sciences Lead with Bayer Crop Science. In her position with Regulatory Scientific Affairs (RSA) she is responsible for strengthening relationships and engaging with social, behavioral, and political scientists. Cami leverages an expanding scientific network in North America and around the world to more closely examine and understand policy, regulations, consumer behavior, and public acceptance of agricultural innovations. Cami is also a Professional Affiliate with the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and a member of the Scientific Industry Advisory Committee (SIAC) for Genome Canada.